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The Benefits of Using Pool Safety Covers

In general, a quality pool cover keeps your pool clear of dirt and debris so you don’t end up needing to call a professional pool cleaning service in Oklahoma City, OK all the time. But upgrade your standard cover to a safety cover and you’ve got yourself a more secure, easy to clean pool area. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the benefits of using pool safety covers that can anchor down to the deck:

  • Protection for your family: As opposed to the more popular automatic roll-up pool covers, a safety cover is made to attach to your pool’s deck, which pulls tight and secure over your pool—consider adding one for a safer backyard all year round. Keep in mind that, although safety covers that are anchored to your deck are strong enough to support a person’s weight, you shouldn’t run across it just for fun.
  • Acts as a wildlife barrier:Just as a safety cover protects your family from falling in an inactive pool over fall and winter, it also acts as a barrier that stops local wildlife from falling in and drowning. Regular vinyl pool covers are pretty thin and can end up being a trap for animals that wander onto them. Once animals like squirrels, raccoons and even deer step on the cover, they can get wrapped up in the vinyl and drown. Safety covers can often support the weight of smaller animals, though you’ll still want to figure out ways to deter them.
  • Durable in harsh weather: Pool safety cover anchors are ideal in areas that see hard winter weather, like snow, hail and wind. In fact, this product can be installed into surfaces such as decks made of wood, brick or concrete. This works best if you have at least three feet of available decking to spare.
  • Easy maintenance: Aside from the ease in which pool safety covers can be stored away, they are also easy to maintain and clean while in use. The cover’s surface is smooth enough that strong winds may blow leaves away. Otherwise, simply hose it down or sweep it off before gently scrubbing it clean and putting it in storage. Before covering your pool, remember to hire a pool cleaning service in Oklahoma City, OK to avoid mucked up water that’s filled with bacteria and grime.
  • Holds strong against debris: Fall brings plenty of dropped leaves, and whipping winds play a roll in blowing those leaves into your yard. Wet or dry, yard debris can pile up quickly on top of your safety swimming pool cover. But instead of letting decomposing yard debris fall into your pool, your safety cover supports it just fine until you get a chance to remove it all.

The biggest factor in the argument for this type of pool cover is safety for your family, especially curious children and pets, whether it’s pool season or time to close it up during the cooler months. If you need a new pool safety cover, pool repair or a professional pool cleaning service in Oklahoma City, OK, give Affordable Pool Solutions a call today to speak with a knowledgeable associate.