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Revive Your Pool with Pool Resurfacing in Oklahoma City, OK

Swimming pools are great during this time of year. They offer an excellent way to stay cool in the summer heat and relax and enjoy the day. When your swimming pool begins to lose its pristine façade, however, it may be time to consider pool resurfacing in Oklahoma City, OK. This can improve the look of your pool as well as increase its life, returning your swimming pool to its former glory.

You will know it’s time to resurface your pool when you start to see signs of chipping, flaking and overall wear. It may also be hard to maintain the chemical balance in your swimming pool because the surface has become porous and is absorbing the chemicals rather than distributing them. Other indicators include rusting and stains, which will affect how your pool looks by creating eyesores in the surface. Here’s a look at two popular resurfacing options.

Using fiberglass to resurface your pool

There are two major types of pool resurfacing in Oklahoma City, OK to think about for in-ground pools. You can go with a fiberglass resurfacing product, or if your pool is concrete, a new plaster finish will do the trick.

Fiberglass pool resurfacing is a good choice based on its flexibility. It can be installed relatively quickly and works to fill in cracks and chips within your pool’s surface. It is installed in steps, with a coat of resin and fiberglass being applied first. This may take several coats to get the right coverage.

By selecting fiberglass for your pool resurfacing in Oklahoma, OK, you will be able to select from a wide array of colors and textures to really customize the appearance of your swimming pool. Fiberglass has a long life and protects against algae formation and stains. It also provides a smooth finish for your pool’s surface that will look good for years to come.

Plaster resurfacing options

As an alternative to fiberglass, you can decide to go with plaster to resurface your concrete pool. This is an economical product that you can have applied at any time. In this process, the old plaster from your pool is removed so a fresh application of plaster can be installed. You can select what color you want the plaster to be tinted, with most people going with blue or white to match the water.

Plaster is the most popular choice for pool resurfacing in Oklahoma City, OK, as it provides a clean crisp look to your swimming pool. You can get quite a bit of durability out of a plaster resurfacing, as it typically lasts five to eight years. Plaster does react with the chemicals you place in your pool to keep it clean, so it may require some additional service to get it to its peak performance.

By investing in pool resurfacing in Oklahoma City, OK, you will greatly improve the overall appearance of your swimming pool. By giving it a fresh new look, you will also work to increase the life of your pool for a number of years. For pool resurfacing, contact Affordable Pool Solutions today. In addition to resurfacing, we provide a variety of pool services, including liner installations and pool maintenance.