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Five Tips for Better Pool Maintenance in Oklahoma City This Fall

Dropping foliage and color changes are signs that fall is in the air. This means it’s time to prepare your outdoor spaces by putting your lawn furniture into storage, cleaning the rain gutters and caring for your private pool. You are less likely to use your swimming pool once the weather turns cooler, but whether you’re leaving it open or covering it, a pool that is cleaned and well maintained can often better stave off damage and organic growths.

Is it time to start writing up a pool to-do checklist? You can get your pool fall-ready with the following five tips for pool maintenance in Oklahoma City, OK:


  • Skim the pool: During the fall months, you’re likely to use your outdoor hot tub more than your pool, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore skimming out debris. But although you should skim dead leaves and other debris out of your pool and clean strainer baskets year round, it’s a crucial step to take before you close up shop for an extended period of time. Remember: skim it before it sinks!
  • Clean the pool filter: Skimming leaves from your pool is a part of the filtering process; it’s the action that removes the bulk of floating debris. In fall, an uncovered pool can quickly fill with dead leaves, sticks, random garbage and bugs blown in by the wind. Therefore, the pool filter must work hard to trap what the skimmer leaves behind and the strainer baskets miss. In turn, you need to clean and inspect the filter to ensure it can do its job. Otherwise, you could end up with an algae-covered, bug-infested pool come spring and summer.
  • Make necessary pool repairs: Making fixes and repairs to pool components and equipment is a big part of fall pool maintenance in Oklahoma City, OK. Regardless of whether you plan to drain your pool or keep it filled with circulating water, check for leaks in and around the pool and repair any problems. To maintain a consistent water level and to ensure the pool pump doesn’t get damaged, there need to be no leaks.
  • Fix damage to the deck: Take a close look at your pool deck. If there are visible cracks, chips or gouges in materials, then get them fixed before things get worse. This type of deck damage ranges from normal wear and tear to exposure to the elements, and it can pose a hazard to children and pets. In addition, it just doesn’t look very nice.
  • Inspect the pool cover: Whether you have a winter pool cover or a safety cover, prior to winter weather, make sure to inspect its condition and any deck anchors. The time is now to replace damaged pool covers.

No matter the time of year, it’s important that you practice regular pool maintenance in Oklahoma City, OK. Lucky for you, Affordable Pool Solutions carries a selection of pool supplies and has trained swimming pool experts on hand who are ready to provide pool repair services and offer replacement equipment sales. Contact our team today!