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Five Reasons to Open Your Pool Sooner Rather Than Later

Most people are familiar with the saying “the early bird catches the worm.” But what about “the early pool owner enjoys summer the most”? That latter phrase might not have a very catchy ring to it, but it certainly holds true for customers of our pool cleaning service in Oklahoma City, OK. Every year since opening our business in 2004, we have noticed that customers who contact us early about pool openings get to enjoy their pools for a longer portion of the year—and that isn’t even the only perk! With this in mind, here are five reasons why you should schedule your pool opening as soon as possible:


Beat the heat: Each week brings warmer weather, which is great for everything except your pool opening process. The water inside your pool needs to be dealt with, and the warmer it becomes, the more difficult it is to do so. Of course, a professional pool maintenance service can still handle the job, but it might take longer, meaning a higher bill and longer wait for you and your family. Beat the heat by scheduling your pool opening early this year.


Get quick service: By the time it first occurs to you that the weather is nice enough for a pool opening, everyone else in your neighborhood with a pool is starting to think the same thing. That means everyone is calling their pool maintenance service, and you might have to wait a few days or longer for an appointment. But if you have a little forethought, you can beat the rush and have your pool opened in record time. Everyone else in the neighborhood will be begging to use your pool while waiting for theirs to open!


Be ready: Warm days can sometimes come around unexpectedly. The whole point of having a pool is to take advantage of hot weather as much as you possibly can. But if your pool is not already open, those plans go out the window. Be ready for whatever Mother Nature may throw at you by having your pool opened nice and early.

Beautify your yard: Let’s face it—a pool covering is essentially a necessary evil. It turns your pool into a bit of an eyesore each winter, but it all becomes worth it once your pool opens up again in the spring. But if you lose precious warm days without having your pool opened, the eyesore can start to outweigh the value of having a pool. Don’t let this happen to you—book your pool opening as soon as possible instead.


Enjoy your summer: Summer is a time for relaxation, fun and adventure—in other words, everything except chores. Getting your summer maintenance responsibilities out of the way nice and early opens up the rest of your summer for plenty of fun in the sun.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable pool cleaning service in Oklahoma City, OK to help open your pool in the coming days, please get in touch with Affordable Pool Solutions today.