Pool Equipment Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

For pool owners, most of the time and energy you probably associate with owning a pool is spent enjoying it. But then there’s the rest of the time, when something goes wrong and you and your family can’t use your pool until necessary repairs or changes are made. When you need to buy new pool equipment or have yours repaired, make sure you visit Affordable Pool Solutions. We have a sizable inventory of pool pumps and equipment, and our team handles a full range of repairs. Here’s what we can do for you:

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  • Pool equipment repair: Affordable Pool Solutions is pleased to offer a full range of services related to pool equipment repair in Oklahoma City, OK. If you’re having filter trouble, underground line problems, leaks, suction issues or cleaning issues, our team is available for diagnosing and repairing the problems in a timely and highly professional fashion.
  • Pool pumps: Your pool pump keeps the water in your pool circulating while working with the filtration system to keep the water fresh and clean. Problems with your pool pump can make swimming a much less enjoyable experience. Whether you need a new pump, pump repair or installation, our team can handle anything related to pool pumps in Oklahoma City, OK.
  • Variable speed and energy efficient pool pumps: If you’d like to be able to continue to enjoy your pool as often as possible but have concerns about how much energy it requires, we have good news for you: Affordable Pool Solutions offers a range of high efficiency, quiet and low energy pool pumps with varying horsepower for sale. Call us today to learn more about how your pool can be less of a drain on your bank account.

For all of your pool product and equipment needs, whether you’re in the market for sales or repairs, call Affordable Pool Solutions at 405-802-1469. We’d love to help you have a worry-free pool experience!

Your Pool Professionals

When your pool is in need of service or maintenance, don’t trust just anyone to handle it—make sure you’re leaving it to the professionals at Affordable Pool Solutions!